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The dental practice was founded by Jay Cooney, DDS, who ran it for nearly 19 years at 25 Long Creek Drive in South Portland, prior to his unexpected passing in 2006.  It was later sold to David Melevsky, DDS who moved the practice to 1355 Congress Street before he stepped down in January, 2014.  The practice was without a dentist for several months when we learned of this patient population in need of care.  Under new management, we wanted a new name that could succinctly summarize what we're about and "Inspire Dental of Maine" was registered with the state on April first, (no kidding!) 2014.  We wanted "inspire" in our title, for each of the following reasons.

Certainly, our patients inspire us!  They keep us motivated and striving for continuous clinical and professional self-improvement, to do our best and when necessary, come up with and utilize creative solutions to complex clinical challenges we are presented with.

We recognize the importance that our team inspire one another, to work hard on patients' behalf and to support one another.

Last, but not least, we hope to inspire you, and all of our patients, to achieve outstanding oral health through treatment received at our office, as well through quality self care at home.


At our practice, we love what we do and hope it always shows. We want to be the opposite of "Going-Through-the-Motions-Dental-Factory-Clinic." With our caring and professional staff, we will take time to listen to your concerns and create personalized treatment plans as unique as your individual needs.

We are Inspire Dental of Maine: "comprehensive family dentistry... with enthusiasm!"
                                                                                                                                              -Dr. Kevin Lukis

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